Why Home Base Wichita

why hire military?

Home Base Wichita encourages local companies to implement a military employment strategy as part of our mission to bring economic prosperity to the South-Central Kansas region. Companies with an effective military employment strategy:

  • Have greater success in hiring highly skilled individuals
  • Are more efficient
  • Have lower turnover

Home Base Wichita believes hiring military-connected individuals is mutually beneficial to our workforce and community.

Home Base Wichita seeks to retain, regain and attract military-connected talent to the South-Central Kansas region

  • Retain: Encouraging service members and their families residing in South-Central Kansas to stay and call it home with support from the community and viable employment opportunities;
  • Regain: Inviting Kansans exiting service to return home to a new and exciting post-military career in their home state;
  • Attract: Guiding military families who are undecided on where to land after exiting service to desirable careers in South Central Kansas with employers who value their skills

Military-connected individuals possess the following qualities, making them an asset in any role:

  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • Reliability
  • Quick assessment awareness
  • Positivity¬†
  • Diversity experience
  • Adaptability

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